Boys: 10 major conflicts before Season 4


Warning: the article contains a spoiler for season 3 of “Boys” and an image of violence from clips.

The finale of season 3 of The Boys ended with a bang: Starlight becomes a member of The Boys, the Soldier Boy is placed in a cryocamber again, and Ryan joins Homelander. When Karl Urban announced that filming of season 4 would begin this summer, and its release was expected in 2023, some fans noticed that there were a lot of new problems in the finale that needed to be solved.

The third season ends with the “Seven” in disarray, and Victoria Neuman becomes the new candidate for vice president, which means that even more conflicts will arise in the fourth season. Although it is unclear how the writers and showrunners see the development of these problems, fans hope that these plot points will be resolved in the upcoming season, without losing their emotional overtones and aspects of horror.

Who will the new members of The Seven be?

An interesting aspect of the main super team in The Boys, The Seven, is that they always have to consist of seven people and constantly die throughout the series.

In this case, season 3 became the biggest hit for the “Seven”. Supersonic, Maeve, Starlight and Black Noir will not return to The Seven for various reasons. This means that the only remaining members of the band are Homelander, The Deep and A-Train. Who these four new squad members are will be an interesting mystery.

Maeve’s retirement

While she may not have died, fans are wondering if the Season 3 finale means that Maeve is still effectively “written off” and may not be involved in the remainder of the series.

Miv’s “heroic sacrifice” ended up being an almost complete plus for her. Not to mention the fact that the removal of the video about Maeve’s survival made Vought employee Ashley a little more attractive and kept Miv clean from Homelander. Boys don’t usually have completely happy endings, so it will be interesting to see if there are other consequences for Maeve.

The new hierarchy of boys

The Boys now have a new member, Annie, and Frenchy has stated that they will no longer obey the Butcher’s orders and act like a democracy.

This new dynamic will greatly affect season 4. Previously, Butcher was the undisputed leader of the group, and almost everyone (especially Frenchy) was reluctant to do what he said in almost any situation. Between the new inclusion of Annie and the new confident Frenchman, the power dynamics in the group will be exciting next season.

Todd’s Fanaticism

Mother’s Milk had a strained relationship with her daughter Janine at times during the season. A huge part of his struggle came from his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, Todd, a Homelander fanatic.

Todd seems to be completely stumped (pun intended) with his reverence for the homelander. In the season finale, he drew applause from the previously silent crowd after Homelander shot a Starlight fan with a laser on the street. How this will affect Janine and “Mother’s Milk” remains to be seen, but it will probably become an important part of their story in season 4.

Location of Stan Edgar

Even without the strength of the Stand, Edgar was one of the most powerful enemies of the Homelander. Thanks to Victoria Neuman, he was dismissed from the post of CEO of Vought and is allegedly in custody.

A character like Stan Edgar most likely won’t be completely written off from prison, and he’ll probably be at least a small part of Season 4. Seeing as Billy Butcher and the Boys are targeting Neuman next season, her adoptive father, Stan Edgar, could be a valuable helper in her destruction. This is especially true when fans believe that the couple broke up in a very bad relationship.

A-Train’s Relationship with his Brother

Nathan Franklin, the former coach and older brother of A-Train, had a bad time in the third season. Since Nathan is permanently paralyzed from below, Nathan’s relationship with A-Train is strained at best.

So far, everything A-Train has tried to do to fix the sins of its past has gone awry. Killing the Blue Hawk clearly didn’t help A-Train to establish a relationship with his brother, and now they are estranged from each other as never before. Whether they will be able to reconcile at all in season 4 remains to be seen, but it could also put A-Train in a possible redemption arc if he starts to open his eyes to corruption in the Seven.

Survival of the boy soldier

After he was kidnapped while serving in the army, the boy soldier was experimented on, and he became an unsurpassed superweapon. Now, as he feared in the finale, he is locked in another drawer.

Grace Mallory, now owning an unconscious soldier boy, is one of the most interesting choices they could make with a still-alive soldier boy in season 4. Mallory was always teetering on the edge of how connected she was with boys. and this solution will make the “friend-foe” line especially interesting.