Boyfriend Dungeon: Inappropriate Content Notice Causes Controversy


Boyfriend Dungeon: Yesterday (16), Kitfox Games posted on their Twitter account that they will update the Boyfriend Dungeon content notice, the exotic mix of dungeon-crawling and dating simulator. The decision came after negative reaction from some players who believe the description should be more complete about the dark sides of the title. Check it out below:

“The content notice for Boyfriend Dungeon inadequately describes the stalking and emotional manipulation events that exist in the story. We’ll update the game next week with a more accurate AC. We apologize for any damage caused by our error. Thanks for playing!” said the studio.

The game has a premise that seems to be extremely light and fun: exploring dungeons with romantic partners who turn into weapons during battles. However, it also explores important questions about personal boundaries and consent, with its current notice stating that it “may include references to unwanted advances, harassment and other forms of emotional manipulation”.

This description led many players to believe that such parts could only appear as small details, or even be avoided, but when they realized that they are central to the plot, they felt a difficulty in continuing the game, because they did not expect this when they acquired the title. .

In fact, some people even suggested on social media that emotional manipulation should be completely optional, which generated a lot of discussions about personal responsibility and artistic freedom.

Tanya X. Short, co-founder of Kitfox, spoke out about this controversy on her Twitter account over the weekend, saying she was grateful that even with the heated speeches on important issues, the community wasn’t attacking employees or the studio itself. , and asked that everyone also be kinder to each other, respecting and recognizing the needs of others.

Boyfriend Dungeon is available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

So, what did you think of Kitfox Games’ decision? Let us know in the comments section!


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