Boy learns the world: why Mr. Turner disappeared for 18 years


With his parents absent, Sean Hunter found an unlikely father figure in his teacher Mr. Turner, only for the “Boy Learns the World” character to suddenly disappear. While Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) was in the spotlight of Boy Meets World, it was his best friend Sean (Ryder Strong) who became a favorite character of many viewers. Corey tended to be a straight-talking kid who played by the rules, while Sean turned into the constant heartthrob of the John Adams High School bad boy.

After all, Sean was usually a good person at heart, even though his broken family life wasn’t doing him any good. In the second season, Sean’s mother, Vierna, abandoned the family, after which his father Chet left the “Boy Meets the World” characters for an indefinite time soon after. Without adult guidance and housing, Sean makes friends and moves in with his English teacher Jonathan Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn). The arrangement ultimately works very well. Unfortunately, Sean’s crazy parents returned, and soon his life turned into chaos again.

In the episode “Cult Fiction” season 4, a depressed Sean joins the sect, but leaves it when he finds out that Mr. Turner has been in a serious motorcycle accident. Turner is in a coma, but is said to have survived. Not that it mattered, since shortly after that, Turner suddenly disappeared. Although he was later referenced several times, he never personally appeared on Boy Meets World again until its cancellation. Fans have been puzzled by this for decades, although in recent years Quinn has said that Turner’s departure was a creative decision he wasn’t involved in, suggesting he wasn’t happy with leaving the show. Another possible factor, however, is that shortly after the release of “Boy Knows the World,” Quinn landed the lead role in the short-lived 1998 FOX sitcom “Ask Harriet.” Unfortunately, in this series, Quinn played a fired reporter who dressed up in sportswear to pose as a women’s council columnist in an irritating premise straight out of the 1980s.

Although the circumstances surrounding Anthony Tyler Quinn’s departure from Boy Meets World are a little vague, there was clearly no ill will between the actor and the creator of Boy Meets World, Michael Jacobs, after that. When it was announced that a sequel to the show “Girl Knows the World” was coming, in which the old characters would return, Quinn contacted Jacobs in the hope that Mr. Turner’s fate would finally be resolved, and Jacobs was happy to give him such an opportunity. It took 18 years for Boy Meets World fans to turn a blind eye to the character, but what Girl Meets World provided was widely praised.

“Girl Meets World” revealed that the now-married Turner eventually became superintendent of the New York City Board of Education and actually hired Corey to teach history at John Quincy Adams High School in New York. Turner remained friends with Cory and Topanga to the point that their daughter Riley called him “Uncle John.” He also had a touching scene with Sean in which Turner admitted that he should have adopted Sean when he had the chance. After almost two decades in limbo, the sudden disappearance of Mr. Turner’s “Boy Meets World” has finally come to light in the program “Girl Meets World” on the Disney channel.