Boy band leader abused by BTS


Keeho (P1Harmony) is said to continue the tradition of “problematic leader” of FNC Entertainment, when not released, was jubilantly “uncovered” by the netizens related to BTS, EXO.

Recently, FNC Entertainment announced that they will release a new boy group called P1Harmony in October. The members are introduced by the company one by one and from the first member, netizens have “dug” the series of this male idol.

Specifically, member Keeho – Korean Canadian is introduced to the public first and is expected to assume the role of group leader. But immediately, a series of “seals” in the past of this male idol was revealed. Specifically, Keeho operated a Twitter account and Curious Cat was filled with anti-EXO words, sexually harassed BTS, racist against people of color and bullied other netizens.

The new FNC male idol “busting meeting” took place extremely excitedly with a series of convincing evidence. In the period 2016 – 2017, Keeho operated a Twitter account called @busanwings and made countless statements against EXO, sexually harassed BTS, and racist. Even many netizens accuse Keeho of saving their photos, making photos and posting them with obscene language, bullying netizens and giving wild answers. This account is confirmed as Keeho due to the link with his Instagram, and also announced that he will audition and become a Kpop idol.

Immediately after Keeho’s “seal” series was revealed by netizens and became a hot topic on social networks, the management company FNC Entertainment had to make an official announcement. Accordingly, the company claims many of the above “seals” are true, but the @busanwings account is operated by 7 people and Keeho is just one of them. Keeho used this account when he was in school and the tweets about EXO and BTS were not written by the male idol, but the company admitted that Keeho still has a fault: “He should have noticed a problem with his talent. and against it “.

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FNC Entertainment vehemently denied Keeho’s racism. The company claims “as an Asian raised in North America, Keeho is more sensitive to racism than anyone else”. Many fans of P1Harmony are relieved that the company has spoken out, but for the majority of netizens, they do not believe in the authenticity of this statement.

Specifically, Knet said that there is no evidence that Keeho shares an account with 7 other people, especially when this account announced that he auditioned to become an idol and stopped working when he passed the exam. Knet is also dissatisfied with FNC’s decision to keep Keeho in the group and ironically Keeho is “continuing the company tradition”.

The tradition here is that FNC Entertainment owns quite a few “problematic” leaders. In 2019, the leader of F.T. Island Choi Jong Hoon was sentenced to prison for violating the law against crimes of sexual violence, rape, sneaky filming and sharing videos with Jung Joon Young’s chat group. Recently, AOA’s internal bullying scandal shocked showbiz, leader Jimin “shows his original form” who is a 10-year bully member of the same group Mina.

Keeho continues to be the name that continues this tradition when it was “uncovered” right from the time it was not released. Korean netizens are concerned about the future of P1Harmony, which has not been released yet, but the leader has been involved in countless scandals.


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