Box office receipts at the premiere of the movie “The End of Halloween” were killer


After David Gordon Green’s Halloween quell restored the franchise to resounding success, the 2018 film spawned two sequels that were to follow shortly thereafter. Although delays have pushed the final film towards the release of new films in 2022, we have finally come to the end of this new trilogy. Hotly anticipated despite the reaction to its predecessor, “Halloween Ends” has already delivered a killer haul thanks to its box office opening night.

The proceeds have been calculated, and Jamie Lee Curtis’ latest confrontation with Michael Myers brought in $5.4 million from Thursday night ticket sales. This is due to theatrical performances, which begin as early as 17:00, as well as simultaneous streaming on Peacock, as Deadline notes.

The reports also highlighted the killer aspect of this result, as Halloween Ends outperformed Halloween Kills on Thursday night last year, when $4.85 million was earned on the same terms. Looking a little further at the box office picture, it can be noted that director David Gordon Green’s big trilogy about Halloween is on its way to an estimated opening weekend total of $55 million.

Judging by the numbers, this is also a triumph over the first weekend of “Halloween Kills”, since the collection of the sequel in the first weekend of 2021 amounted to $ 49.4 million, adjusted from the previous estimate of $ 50.3 million. This is news that fans of the franchise may have mixed feelings about for several different reasons.

The End of Halloween” is currently in theaters, and is also available for streaming on a paid Peacock subscription. You can also watch “Halloween Murders” on the same platform if you need to freshen up before delving into the epic ending.

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