Bowser, Super Mario: A very peculiar villain


35 years are not fulfilled every day, but they tell Mario about it. The mustachioed plumber has been with us since 1985, the year he debuted Super Mario Bros. for the NES, but he didn’t do it alone. As you know, behind every hero there is a great villain, although in this case it is an atypical one, Bowser.

It is a kind of chubby and anthropomorphic turtle that, although it mostly plays the role of antagonist, always trying to kidnap Princess Peach, it is really endearing and loved. Therefore, today, at MeriStation, we pay tribute to him by reviewing both his origins and his evolution and the path he has followed until he became one of the most prominent villains in the video game industry.

Character creation

Created by the legendary video game developer Shigeru Miyamoto, Bowser is known as the King of the Koopas, all the turtles, whether humanoid or not, living in the Mushroom Kingdom, the most famous location in the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise. point, it should be noted that his name, although outside of Japan it remains as Bowser, originally, in the Japanese territory, it was known as Daimaō Kuppa, which translated into Spanish would be something like the Great turtle demon king. The name change occurred just as Nintendo translated it for Super Mario Bros. manuals out of the country. A really interesting curiosity if we also pay attention to the evolution that its appearance has undergone over time.

From his first appearance, Bowser has an anthropomorphic appearance in the form of a turtle. It walks on its two lower legs and is able to speak. With the passage of time, thanks to technological advances, Miyamoto was able to add more details to Bowser’s design such as the spikes on his green shell, the two horns, the fangs, the claws, more bracelets and the red hair. With all this, it was given an aspect that, today, is closer to that of a dragon than to that of a turtle, because, in addition, as it has shown in the vast majority of video games in which it appears, it has a great physical strength and can spit flames. Although, initially, it was not devised that way.


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