Bounty Hunter actress talks about the direction of the series


Actress Anjelica Bette Fellini talked to TV Insider about her character Blair in the Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters. The comedy and action production stars her and Maddie Phillips.

With a simple yet very entertaining plot, the series features two twin sisters who are attracted to Bowser Jenkins (played by Kadeem Hardison) to work on a danger-laden scheme. Fan expectations are that the production will be renewed for a 2nd season soon.

According to Anjelica Bette Fellini, what most attracted him to Blair was his empowerment. She also said she really enjoyed the relationship between the protagonist sisters. “I think the series in its essence is about the brotherhood [among them]. And I think the brotherhood exists in many different ways, ”he commented.

The chemistry between the two protagonists was essential to maintain a credible tone to the production. In that sense, Anjelica guarantees that both she and Maddie worked their connection also behind the scenes.

“We had a connection the moment we met. The least difficult part of this work was my scenes with Maddie and how good they would be, ”she said.

For the 2nd season of Bounty Hunters, the actress is still not sure about the new conflicts that could be generated from Blair’s relationship with Miles (Myles Evans).

“I think it will be interesting to see how the two were affected by the split and what Blair thinks she deserves,” he said.

While Netflix has yet to announce a 2nd season of the series, be sure to marathon the episodes that are available on streaming!


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