Bounty Battle Analysis; the indie heroes fight title


We analyze the first Dark Screen Games title, Bounty Battle. A sideways 2D fighting game coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

After the announcement of its indefinite delay in June 2020, Bounty Battle hits our screens in September of this year. Dark Screen Games’ debut feature is an ambitious crossover between the genre’s most characteristic indie characters, in which they will have to fight on two-dimensional side stages until only one is left standing. Without a doubt, it is an interesting bet that catches the attention of anyone who has previously played titles like Dead Cells, Nuclear Throne or Steamworld Dig, but does it live up to the expectations? We show it to you in this analysis.

The biggest indie crossover

For starters, Bounty Battle is both a risky and eye-catching proposition. Fighting games have always had great and clear references. It is difficult to overcome or match the feeling that the player has when controlling a Kirby that is beating Bayonetta in Super Smash Bros Utimate. The title we are dealing with on this occasion mixes the conception of Nintendo’s fighting game par excellence with Soulcalibur, as indicated on their website. It is a great idea to bring the format to the indie games that have been so popular in recent years, but at the same time it is difficult to avoid unfair and unwanted comparisons. The idea of ​​seeing Owlboy face off with Rusty seems magnificent to us, but if the jumps are stumbled and the shots imprecise, the intention of the game is noticeably diluted.

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When starting the title we find a simple but functional main menu. Although in terms of settings we can modify the volume, some of the indicators that are shown on the screen and little else, we have a varied range of ways in which we can embark as a single player. The first of them is a simple but effective tutorial in which we will be introduced to the basic mechanics of any fighting game interspersed with the occasional joke by the characters. This is a cursory introduction, but one that any gamer who doesn’t have much experience with similar titles will appreciate.


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