BOTW 2’s Broken Main Sword Can Solve a Big Wildlife Breathing Problem


The broken state of the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild 2 provides an opportunity to solve the biggest problem related to weapons in the first BOTW. The temporary nature of the sword was the biggest problem faced by the players of the first game with the supposed Blade of Evil’s Bane. However, a broken Master Sword in BOTW 2 gives you a chance to fix this mistake.

Fans were told very little about what actually happens in the story of Breath of the Wild 2, since the gameplay was shown relatively recently, and there are still few details of the story due to the vagueness of the trailers. The ambiguity comes to the point that Link has another hand in BOTW 2, but fans still have little information. As expected, this also applies to the broken Master Sword.

In fact, nothing is known about why and how the Master Sword was broken, but this presents an interesting possibility. Fans of the first game were outraged that Master Sword should also obey the equally controversial and inexorable BOTW weapon durability system. Thus, the need to restore the Master Sword in BOTW 2 gives a chance to atone for this by removing the durability system from the most powerful weapon in Hyrule.

The main sword does not have to obey the strength system in BOTW 2

For both gambling and gaming reasons, the Master’s Sword should not be charged and recharged in BOTW 2. Considering how many hearts are needed to get the Master’s Sword, you might think that the Blade of Evil’s Doom would be a little more useful. in a fight. Although it doesn’t break or disappear like other weapons in Breath of the Wild, it will take about 10 minutes to recharge after its power is depleted.

The problem here is that the sword doesn’t have enough charge to actually use it. The weapon disappears after one or two decently large fights, and the recharge period is too long for the short time the player spends with it. Given the new weapons Link can get in BOTW 2, the solution here is elegant in its simplicity: the main sword in BOTW 2 does not have to follow the strength system or have charges. Its power should be infinite.

There was no reason for the Sword Master to adhere to the strength system. Considering the obstacles that the player has to go through to get it in the first BOTW, and the obstacles that will undoubtedly be required to get it again in BOTW 2, it is much more expedient and useful for the player to always be reliable. weapons against monsters in the game. This small change will significantly improve the gameplay in Breath of the Wild 2.