Bottom Hunters: AVAX Whales Collect From These 10 Altcoins!


Whale-watching platform WhaleStats has shared the top 10 altcoin projects that Avalanche (AVAX) whales have acquired. According to WhaleStats data, Wonderful Memories (WMEMO) was the most purchased altcoin project by whales, while a familiar altcoin was also on the list. The first 1,000 AVAX whales included Chainlink (LINK) in their cache.

AVAX whales love this altcoin project

According to the whale watching platform post, the top 1,000 AVAX whales currently hold in their caches the token LINK from Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain, worth a total of $5,461,306. When the ratios are calculated, it is seen that 2.71% of the total portfolio of AVAX whales consists of LINK. The data shows that the altcoin project is the 3rd largest holding of whales.

Looking at the details of WhaleStats data, it is seen that each AVAX whale currently holds an average of $5,701 worth of Chainlink tokens. In other words, this means that each whale has accumulated an average of 314 LINK in total. According to experts’ assessment, Avalanche whales are interested in using LINK smart contracts. This inference is based on the fact that Chainlink is currently the second most used smart contract after Avalanche. It seems that AVAX whales are starting to really like the oracle mesh.

When the other altcoin assets of the top 1,000 Avalanche wallets, excluding AVAX, are examined, it is revealed that their largest assets are the stablecoin project USD Coin (USDC), which accounts for 29.9% of the total value. This shows that USDC continues to maintain its previous position. Experts interpreting the data of WhaleStats say that deep pockets will continue to chase Chainlink’s token in the future, and they will continue to accumulate at affordable prices by seizing opportunities.

According to CoinMarketCap data, Chainlink (LINK) price was trading at $ 17.81, gaining 4.37% in the last 24 hours at the time of writing, after slipping into the red zones during the day. The altcoin hit an all-time high at $52.88 about 9 months ago. It is currently 66.36% away from its peak.