Boston Dynamics updates Spot robot with new hardware


This Tuesday (2), Boston Dynamics announced the expansion of the Spot robot line, now with a new model with more autonomy in its missions. Called Enterprise, the new variant of the prominent “robot dog” has a base to recharge its battery on its own, support for new equipment and more powerful hardware.

The new implementations allow Spot Enterprise to operate over long distances or risky locations with greater security and autonomy. Its communication with operators has been improved, now enabling faster and more practical data transfers, thanks to improved Wi-Fi signal reception with support for 802.11ac Dual Band.

In this sense, the new robot-dog also received a “remote control” for browsers, where its operators can operate it manually or request sets of autonomous actions pre-programmed through an intuitive interface. The system was named Scout and also works on the previous version of Spot, Explorer. Since most of the data processing takes place at the operation site, the new tool requires a modest connection, with “just a few megabits” of bandwidth, according to Boston Dynamics.

To complete its toolkit, Spot Enterprise received a robotic arm that should assist in the handling of items, valves and handles manually or semi-autonomously. In addition, the “robot dog” has also received improvements in its connections to equipment loads and now has support for more external instruments, such as a thermal vision sensor with an optical approach of up to 30x, according to the company.

The new implementations of Spot Enterprise allow its use in even more adverse scenarios and may become a differential in risky missions in the future. Explorer, the older version of Spot, has sold more than 400 units since its commercial launch for companies, and has been used in nuclear power plants, offshore tasks and mines since then. Costing approximately U $ S 75 thousand, the canine robot line is not yet available in the domestic market.


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