Boston Dynamics to sell robot dog ‘arm’ from 2021


Robot maker Boston Dynamics has confirmed that the Spot model, which mimics a dog, will soon be getting a new accessory.

In an interview with the TechCrunch website, the company’s CEO, Rob Playter, announced the launch of “arms” that can be controlled remotely and are capable of performing simple tasks, such as picking up objects and opening doors.

The operation can be done either by the operator’s own control or from pre-configured autonomous tasks. The product API will be released, which means interested developers can improve resources and add more skills.

This addition was already anticipated in old videos to promote Spot and the smaller version, Spot Mini, but was not confirmed along with the launch of the robot.

For now, there is no price or time window for the arrival of the robotic arms at Spot. The accessory is positioned at the top of the model, where the neck would be, and is restricted to a single member. When not in use, it is retracted, as shown in the clip below.

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