Boston Dynamics Sets Robot Spot To Dance Like Mick Jagger


Boston Dynamics: Robot maker Boston Dynamics has published a new video showing the advances in motion and artificial intelligence of the brand’s creations. The newest clip is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the release of the Rolling Stones’ album “Tattoo You”.

In the video, Spot replicates the same dance moves as vocalist Mick Jagger in “Start Me Up”, synced side-by-side with the band’s original video. To make the choreography more similar, the model even uses Spot’s “arm” to make movements of the musician’s face.

Check out:

The game goes as far as putting up to three models of Spot side by side to also replicate the other members of the band that appear alongside Jagger: Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, who died in August this year at 80 years old.

In another parallel with the music, Boston Dynamics has also done an action with the group BTS and even put the humanoid robots Atlas to dance to the sound of a classic from the 1960s.

Currently, the manufacturer belongs to the South Korean automaker Hyundai and commercially sells the Spot to interested industries for US$ 75,000 per unit.


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