Boston Dynamics robots dance to ‘Do You Love Me?’

Boston Dynamics robots are able to climb stairs, do Parkour, wash dishes, dodge obstacles, explore different types of terrain and many other things. Dancing is also one of the many skills they have, as revealed by the video released by the company on Tuesday (29).

In the recording that celebrates the end of 2020 and the arrival of the new year, the humanoid Atlas, the robot dog Spot and the cargo robot Handle show that they also have a talent for dancing, shaking the “skeleton” to the sound of Do You Love Me ?, classic from the 1960s recorded by the band The Contours.

The exhibition begins with Atlas and his contagious movements, as if he were a professional dancer. Shortly thereafter, he gains the company of Spot with his steps full of synchrony. Finally, it is Handle’s turn to join in the fun, full of choreography and juggling. See the trio in action in the video below:

This dance of the Boston Dynamics robots was quite successful on social media. One of the people who commented on it was Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In his Twitter profile, he said that the exhibition was not done in computer graphics (CGI), probably referring to very realistic movements.

Spot has experience in dance

The end-of-year dance was not the first time that a company robot, now owned by Hyundai, displayed its artistic gifts. In 2018, the robot dog of the brand appeared danced in a shorter video, while playing the song Uptown Funk, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

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Spot’s steps were praised at the time, but the most recent recording shows that the machines have evolved considerably since then, managing to present increasingly realistic movements.

While the Atlas and Handle models are still research prototypes, Spot is already on sale. It starts at US $ 74.5 thousand, equivalent to R $ 388 thousand at the daily rate, in direct conversion.



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