Boston Dynamics Robot Fired By Police

Boston Dynamics robot Spot, who was “hired” by the New York Police Department last year, has come to the end of his police career. The Boston Dynamics robot, named by the department as Digidog and started to work in 2019, was used by law enforcement in many sensitive operations.

Thanks to the cameras and sensors on it, the Boston Dynamics robot, which can easily overcome obstacles and perform zone control, was used to detect armed attackers, especially in closed areas. However, the reactions from citizens and politicians caused Digidog to lose his job.

Boston Dynamics contract canceled

Digidog, which is in the trial phase and is planned to continue to be used until August, was caught in the middle of racism and profiling controversy. The robot, which allegedly foiled citizens by constantly recording and violated the privacy of private life, was dismissed after the reactions. Making a statement on the subject, NYPD’s deputy commissioner in charge of intelligence and counter-terrorism, John Miller, said that the lease agreement with Boston Dynamics was canceled.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has been against the project from day one, expressed his satisfaction in his statement. Blasio said the following about the incident: “I’m glad Digidog was knocked down. The machine was creepy and alienating. It was also sending the false message to the citizens of New York. ”

The Boston Dynamics robot, which has been used in crime scenes and hostage operations since October, has been the focus of frequent criticism. Boston Dynamics, known for its opposition to the military use of the technologies they developed, did not make a statement on the subject.



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