Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot goes for an evening walk


Boston Dynamics is one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to developing and manufacturing a new generation of advanced robots. The videos showing the company’s mobility robots astonish many who watch. However, some lucky people living in the Canadian province of Ontario had the opportunity to meet Boston Dynamics’ robot dog, Spot, in a very natural and intimate way last week.

A Twitter user nicknamed “@bloodtear” shared a video of Spot strolling the street at dusk. In the video in question, Spot walks around the street like a real dog. However, the fact that Spot is actually a robot makes the scene seen interesting.

The Twitter user who shared the video said in his following tweet, “Everyone tells me he’s not cute and he will destroy us all. This is your opinion. I choose to greet our robot dog senor ”.

Boston Dynamics didn’t waste much time making a statement after the robot dog was seen walking on the road. In the company’s statement, it was stated that Spot made an evening stroll under the supervision of his “tamer”. It was also underlined that during the walk carried out within the framework of routine mobility tests, it was controlled by the operator behind Spot with a remote control.


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