Boston Dynamics robot dog, learned to ‘pee beer’


Boston Dynamics: While the French army trains the Boston Dynamics robot dog for military purposes, youtuber Michael Reeves decided to give Spot another purpose. The programmer taught the metallic dog to urinate beer into plastic cups.

The peculiar idea of ​​the youtuber, which is known for robotics projects, was fully documented in a video on Google’s streaming platform, which can be seen below. As expected, it was not easy to teach the futuristic mascot how to pee in a cup and the process involved a lot of improvisation and programming.

The project started with the development of a “urethra” for the Boston Dynamics robot. After creating an automated hose, the youtuber used a security camera with Wi-Fi to create an environment mapping system for Spot.

After programming the robot dog to move around and find plastic cups on the floor, the youtuber finally put Spot to work serving drinks. For this, it was necessary to add a cylinder with beer on the back of the mascot.

Despite the effort, the idea did not work, since the robot did not take care of the “aim” during the tests shown in the video. With that, the beer ended up on the floor and Spot slipped in the liquid, making the environment extremely messy.

The youtuber said he even contacted Boston Dynamics to try to improve the project, but the company did not provide an answer. To “pay back” at the company, the programmer drove to the headquarters of the robotics firm for his Spot to pee in front of the building.

Spot is one of Boston Dynamics‘ most popular projects and can now be purchased directly from the company for values ​​starting at $ 75,000.


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