Boston Dynamics robot at home cleaning spot


Boston Dynamics, which has been working in the field of robotics for many years, continues to develop its robots. The company initially started to develop the BigDog robot for the American army, then turned to different areas. Finally, Boston Dynamics, who won the admiration with their dancing robots, shared a new video about the talents displayed by the robot Spot. Spot can clean the house and help with gardening.

The company was sold to Hyundai Motor Company on December 10, 2020.

Boston Dynamics robot Spot cleans the house, helps gardening

The robot that attracts attention of Boston Dynamics is usually Atlas. In human form, Atlas leaves its place to Spot in the new video. According to the shared video, the four-legged Spot can clean the house. Spot, who can excavate in the garden, also performs the planting process in the hole it dug. Spot, which can also open closed doors in the house, helps the homeowners in many matters like a helper.

Boston Dynamics robot Spot isn’t just limited to these capabilities. Spot, which also demonstrates its skills in operations that require sensitive operations such as opening and closing the water valve, takes care of all these works with the handle on the front. Later in the day, an expanded Spot product line will be released with a live broadcast by Boston Dynamics.

The Spot was available with a price tag of $ 74,500 last year. Moreover, this price does not include the extended warranty and spare battery.


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