Boston Dynamics Partners With BTS and Robots Surrender To K-pop


Boston Dynamics: Celebrating its latest acquisition, Hyundai released, on Tuesday (29), a video in which it puts robots developed by Boston Dynamics to dance to the sound of the South Korean group BTS IONIQ: I’m On It. The action, according to Eric Whitman, the company’s roboticist, called for highly accurate programming rather than using traditional sensors or obstacle avoidance solutions.

Monica Thomas, a professional choreographer with whom the company has worked on previous videos of this type, was responsible for planning the movements of the Spots robot set. The specimens are affectionately known as robot dogs and feared by many for their capabilities, worthy of a dystopian future shown in many science fiction films.

“An athletic performance like dancing enhances the mechanical design of the equipment as well as the power of the software’s algorithms,” said Marc Raibert, founder and president of Boston Dynamics.

Also according to the executive, such shows force the manufacturer to create new tools, such as the Choreographer program, used by owners of their machines for entertainment. Do you like K-pop, tech or both? Check out the material below.

dance little robot dance

Popularity is one of the reasons for the union of the two universes. After all, in addition to the latest Boston Dynamics video with dancing devices having reached more than 32 million views, BTS is a true worldwide phenomenon.

Out of curiosity, the band became, this Monday (28), the first Asian group to conquer for five consecutive weeks the first place on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart with the single Butter, as well as selling 1.3 million tickets for the virtual show to commemorate eight years of its debut — bringing together 195 regions of the planet on June 13th.

One cannot fail to mention, of course, that this is a way of putting a new face on metal puppies, friendlier than that found in the demonstrations of military and police tests carried out previously.


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