Bosses For All Mankind reveal the tragic final twist of the third season, inspired by a true story, as well as why (spoiler alert) happened behind the scenes


Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD to the finale of the 3rd season of Apple TV+ “For the Sake of all mankind”.

The third season of the series “For the Sake of all Mankind” came to an end with the finale titled “Stranger in a Strange Country”, and fans may feel a little strange after watching a large-scale episode. It brought moments of joy like Kelly successfully escaping from Mars and giving birth to her baby, and Ed surviving his near-impossible attempt to land. But there were also huge tragedies, as the explosion in AO led to the deaths of many people, including two key characters: Karen Baldwin (Chantelle VanSantin) and Molly Cobb (Sonya Walger). Executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi told CinemaBlend about the tragedies, including the real event that triggered the explosion.

In true TV fashion, the devastation happened just when everything seemed to be getting better, as the team on Earth managed to direct the team on Mars on their mission to rescue Kelly… and bring Ed back alive. Unfortunately, “Stranger in a Strange Land” showed how bad the crowd Jimmy contacted was, as they turned out to be domestic terrorists determined to blow up AO. When Karen realized what was happening, she tried to help, but it was too late to stop the bomb from exploding. She was crushed by the wreckage and lived long enough to live the last moment with Jimmy.

Losing Karen was a shock, as she has been a constant since the first season, but the EP had its own reasons for doing so. Matt Wolpert explained the thought process of killing Karen and why it happened that way:

To be honest, this was something we discovered very late in the writing process. I think we knew we wanted to tell a different version of the Oklahoma City bombing, [and] show that the simmering anger in society that led to the Oklahoma City bombing was now directed at the space program, which has become much more important. in our world. But we felt the need to have this land for real with one of our main characters, so that the tragedy of the bombing was not just intellectual, it was emotional.

Despite the fact that fans could not have predicted that the Oklahoma City bombing-style twist would actually destroy AO and kill Karen right outside, “For the Sake of all mankind” set the stage by establishing that public opinion was not entirely behind the Mars mission and all the money spent. according to the space program. In addition, For All Mankind tells an alternative version of the story, which may mean that such events occur completely differently than in the real world. And in order for the explosion to really hit the audience, the EP decided that the main character should die. Matt Wolpert went on to explain why Karen’s choice was the right one:

Us, Karen, who has had the most amazing arc in these three seasons, perhaps more than almost any other character, and who was at the next stage of her life, rising to a better version of herself and achieving much more. things – the fact that her future was destroyed in this way seemed to us the most tragic version of this story. And indeed, this is such a tragedy, as are the real versions of these mass events. So it was a very difficult decision and very emotional for us because we are such fans of Chantelle and what she brought to the series and the character. But it seemed to me that this was the right story.

“For All Mankind” seemed to really set Karen up to pursue what she wanted and earned, and she was put on that path with some help from Molly. This clear path to her future made it even more shocking that she became the first major bombing victim that Chantelle Van Santen (who will return in season 5 of the FBI in September) nailed as an actress. to tear. Karen, and goodbye, Chantelle Van Santen!

But Karen was only the first of two key characters to die due to the explosion, although the other was not confirmed until after the smoke cleared. Molly survived the initial explosion and even led some survivors out of the building, feeling the walls and guiding the rest. However, instead of going to a safe place with those she helped, Molly returned… and that was the last time she was seen alive.

Her death was confirmed by a headline in the newspaper, which also reported that AO had been renamed the Molly Cobb Space Center. So, why “For the sake of all mankind” did they take Molly’s death out of the frame and reveal it in this way? Ben Nedivi explained:

We always knew we wanted Molly back at some point this season, and it never seemed like the right moment as we moved from episode to episode. And in this finale, it finally occurred to us that she’s the perfect person to guide Ed on his insane journey to the surface, especially with her experience as a caretaker.


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