Bose targets athletes with its new headset


Bose, which has signed the devices that attract the attention of the users, announced its new headset. The headphones called Bose Sport Open are not much different from the design of the sports headphones. At this point, Sport Open, which completely surrounds the ear, seems to be highly appreciated by those who do fast-paced sports, although some users may not like it with its ‘design’.

Bose Sport Open features and price

Bose, which adds a new one to its wireless headphone models, offers users a different model than classic design headphones. The model that meets us with its open earbud design is positioned as TWS. Thanks to its TWS feature, it promises to provide a good sound performance without blocking the sounds around you.

As the athletes are focused, the headset is water and sweat resistant with IPX4 certification. With a weight of 14 grams under its rough design, the device does not have active noise cancellation. However, the device, which includes 16 mm sound drivers, focuses on acoustic sensitivity. Thanks to the microphone system in the device, the headphone prevents the wind from being transmitted across you during calls, if you are outside.

According to the company’s claim, Bose Sport Open is the first headset to support OpenAudio technology. While the headset offers 8 hours of use with a full charge, it offers 3 hours of use with half an hour of charging. It takes 2 hours for the headphones to be fully charged. On the headphone connection side, we come across with Bluetooth 5.1 and there is a physical button for accessing voice assistants.

The device is expected to go on sale globally for $ 200 starting January 20.


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