Bose has finally found its new CEO


Popular audio products maker Bose has announced the name of its new CEO. The company has appointed a woman as CEO for the first time in its history. Lila Snyder will serve as Bose’s CEO from September 1st. Snyder’s appointment is of particular importance in the technology world, especially since the number of female CEOs among big brands is very low.

Snyder was most recently head of global e-commerce at Pitney Bowes. Snyder, who was previously a partner in consulting firm McKinsey, has a master’s and doctorate in mechanical engineering at MIT. Phil Hess, Bose’s CEO before Snyder, left his post in March.

Regarding the appointment of the new CEO, Bob Maresca, president of Bose, said: “We wanted to find the best. It didn’t matter how long the search would last. Lila’s background, experience, actions and values ​​were true to us, the extraordinary people working here, and our incredible customers who trusted us. ”

In the world of technology, although efforts are being made to increase the number of women in the sector, no major change has been observed yet. For example, women make up only 32 percent of Google’s total workforce. 52 percent of this group is white and 42 percent is Asian. While the proportion of Latinos remains at 6 percent, the rate of black women cannot exceed 3.7 percent. In CEO and executive positions, the gap between men and women is widening.

Bose does not share its financial results publicly. However, it is known that Snyder took office at a difficult time for the company. The company had decided to close all its physical stores in the USA and Europe before the global coronavirus epidemic broke out. At the beginning of the summer, the augmented reality studies were unplugged.

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