BOSAGORA Migrates to Binance Smart Chain


BOSAGORA network has integrated with Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BOSAGORA aims to increase the value of the BOA token with this partnership.

BOSAGORA created 400,000 BOA tokens based on BEP-20 to join the BSC. These tokens will be integrated with the BSC. Then, it is planned to open a liquidity pool to be created by BOA / BNB parities on Pancakeswap.

Company CEO Kim In-hwan said, “We believe the value of BOA will increase with BSC integration, that is, through the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.” said.

Wants to open up to the DeFi space

BOSAGORA wants to expand its activities in the field of DeFi by using True Finance and PancakeSwap, which it has recently announced. True Finance, briefly introduced as T-Fi, will be available across Binance Smart Chain in the future.

BOSAGORA, whose foundations were laid in 2016, is compatible with Ethereum except for Binance Smart Chain. While 400,000 BOAs were produced in the Binance Smart Chain; It was decided to freeze 400,000 Ethereum-based BOAs to avoid any change in supply.


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