Boruto were the most exciting shinobi in history


As the anime Boruto: Naruto Next Generations progresses, some faces of old acquaintances return to the plot. In the most recent episode, 163 “The Persecutors”, it was Omoi’s turn, one of the most electrifying shinobi in history. This follows the trend of many characters returning after the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Omoi returns to face a member of the secret organization Kara. In the last episode, members of Kara were heading in the same direction as Boruto’s Team 7: the forests of the Land of Silence in search of the ninjas who stole Hashirama’s cells.

The squads meet

When we last saw Omoi from the Hidden Cloud Village, he was Darui’s bodyguard, then Quinto Raikage. Now, Omoi and his squad were also looking for the whereabouts of Hashirama’s cells, when they recognized Boruto and the team at the Hidden Leaf Village.

They were firmly convinced that Boruto was responsible for the murder of Queen Sakuya. When they learn that everything was nothing more than a frame to frame him, the threat of struggle becomes a fraternization.

However, when the two squads begin to join forces, they are surprised by the sneaky arrival of Deepa, Kara’s “Joker” version. Naturally, Deepa confronts them because his organization wants to spread the DNA and create zombie-like creatures all over the Earth.

The confrontation with Deepa

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Revealing himself for the first time without his cloak, the hateful villain confesses that he has already killed everyone who discovered his identity. At that moment, Omoi tells Boruto to continue searching for the cell thieves, as he and his squad will be able to deal with Deepa.

Unfortunately, this does not happen, because when Omoi releases his blade blow “Crescent Moon Decapitation in the Cloud Style”, he discovers that Deepa’s skin cannot be penetrated. If this powerful blow, capable of cutting almost everything, cannot be used or released lightning, Omoi is kind of neutralized.

Although threatened, Omoi remains one of the shinobi most adaptable to harsh situations, so much so that even Naruto and Sasuke recognize that they would not like to face him. So, if there is anyone capable of defeating the crazy Kara, it is Omoi.


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