Boris Johnson’s coronavirus test was positive


British Prime Minister British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s coronavirus test proved positive, Johnson’s symptoms were mild, said to continue to run the government.

Announcing that the test result was positive with the video from his social media account, Johnson said, “I have symptoms of moderate severity, I have a fever, I cough, I work from home, I isolate myself. I will continue to manage the coronavirus strategy thanks to technology.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the fight against coronavirus, especially the UK Health System staff. I participated in the clapping action last night. I would like to thank our police and social care workers, teachers, public employees and everyone volunteering for solidarity.

We will overcome the epidemic, thank everyone who stayed at his home and stopped the spread of the virus. We will beat together. Stay at home and save lives. ”


Last day, Secretary of State Dominic Raab announced that Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Spokesperson James Slack would take office in order to make important decisions in the country if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets corona virus. Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced that he would take office to take decisions.

British Prime Minister Johson’s statements about the corona virus, “This is one of the biggest problems facing a generation. Some of our society should now be immune to the corona virus.” It was stated that he will take office. In the event that Foreign Minister Raab got infected, it was announced that Prime Minister Johnson would have the authority to give responsibility to any of his ministers.

On the other hand, it was stated that Johnson did not have symptoms of corona virus and Raab, who started coughing, also had a negative virus test twice.


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