Boris Johnson announces: Coronavirus is now worryingly contagious


Coronavirus nightmare in England! Johnson announces: Worryingly contagious. Quarantine was declared for the third time in the UK as part of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in his address to the nation, announced the new restrictions taken in the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19). Johnson, calling not to leave the house, said, “I’m telling you not to leave the house again. I believe this will be the last step in our fight against the virus.”

EnglandAs a result of the detection of the new variant of the coronavirus, there were critical increases in cases and deaths. Today, with the decision of the government, the alarm level in the country rose to the highest level, the 5th stage. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling not to leave the house, said, “I repeat that you do not leave the house. I believe that this will be the last stage in our fight against the virus.”

Worryingly Contagious

Underlining that the new variant detected in England is alarmingly contagious, Johnson said, “Our effort as a community could be effective in combating the old variant. However, this new variant is worryingly 50 to 70 percent more contagious. Our hospitals are under more pressure than ever before. The occupancy rate of hospitals has increased by 30 percent compared to last week. Following the rules is more important than ever, “he said.

Boris Johnson stated that if everyone does their part and the vaccination procedures continue, restrictions may begin to be relaxed from mid-February. Johnson said that if our understanding of the virus does not change, vaccination continues to be successful, deaths fall, and everyone plays their part by following the rules, restrictions can be relaxed towards mid-February.


Emphasizing the importance of staying home, Johnson said, “People should stay home. You can only leave the house for limited reasons. These may be buying important items. The government is recommending people who are clinically extremely vulnerable to start getting protection again. Primary schools, secondary schools and colleges across the UK will move to distance education from tomorrow. The government will provide support to children who need free school meals to continue receiving them and need devices to learn remotely. they can have an impact, “he said.