Boring Waiting Period May End in Bitcoin


We may have come to the end of the seedy period in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the crypto markets, has been trading at $ 9,000 for a long time. As the volatility in BTC gradually decreased, the situation has become boring for many investors.

We may have come to the end of the boring process in Bitcoin, which continues to be watched in a $ 200 band during the day. Looking at the charts of technical analysts, we see that BTC can make a new move.

It is especially important that Bitcoin does not fall below $ 8700-8900. BTC, which has been experiencing price decreases periodically for about 45 days, has always managed to hold onto these levels. So, this level has become a strong support for BTC. This is said to be a ‘bullish’ situation.

However, on the resistance side, $ 10,300 remains a strong resistance. It is said that this situation of BTC, which could not be exceeded despite trying $ 10,300, was not a sign of good fortune.

There is also a very bad period in volume. Bitcoin volumes have reached very low levels. However, a new brisk period will begin in BTC, according to analysts. With the strong pass of $ 9200, a new price increase rally may be experienced. It is also stated that the market conditions are in favor of BTC. It is also said that the total value of the crypto money markets will experience a serious increase with this rally.

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