Boring? Former Temptation Island V.I.P. singer-Kristina


Salvatore Vassallo neatly distributes against Christina Demetriou (30). Two stars of the reality show became known to a wide audience thanks to their participation in the “Island of Temptations” in 2019. However, after the show, their paths diverged, and over the years, the former partners quarreled again and again. Now the influential woman is undergoing a serious loyalty test for the second time — this time with her current partner Alexander Petrovich (31 years old). How does Salvatore rate his ex’s performance there? He told Promiflash about this.

In an interview with Promiflash, Salvatore could not resist unpleasant attacks. “Kristina and Alex — they are so boring, they still don’t dare to cross borders,” he swore. According to him, the biggest weakness of Kristina in the series is that she interferes with herself. “She still hasn’t got it under control. It boils up before you say it,” he said, and therefore assumes that his ex will offend — especially Alex.

But not only his exes, but also other famous couples don’t seem to inspire Salvatore. “I find it absolutely uninteresting,” the former “Ex on the Beach” candidate assessed the cast.


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