Bored! Sommer Ray puts on that trap and imagines what can happen!


Sommer Ray has found the perfect solution when it comes to combining his newly released facet of humorist in practice with sports and the fame obtained thanks to him. The fitness model has decided to use both versions at the same time.

It was unthinkable that Sommer abandoned the sport in favor of laughter, but his friendship and closeness with Amanda Cerny made that on some occasion his unconditional ones raised it, something far from the plans of the athlete.

The excess of ironic videos showing an excellent Sommer in gestures and rare faces could be the beginning of this idea, that although it does not displease the model at all is not enough to abandon her true passion.

The fact is that we do not know if advised by his or being guided by his instinct, Ray has published one in which humor and sportswear are present and in view of the result and to be honest, the thing does not look bad.

Sommer’s own styling when going to the gym, tight that allow movement and mark and a rather curious top with a wide hole at the height of the ribs and with possibilities to leave what is on top of it, a Snapshot of the most sympathetic in which the gesture of sticking out the tongue puts the fun point to a moment of work and publicity.

And since the mannequin does not stitch without thread, it takes advantage and teaches the pierced garment that is most likely one of its own designs or a limited edition available for sale for athletes, the case is to seek the economic advantage in everything that is done and with everything that was worn.

The garment in question brings them, and the one in charge of carrying it, too, although we already knew that.


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