Borderlands Could Win a New Game Soon, Says Rumor


Borderlands: There is still no official announcement about a new game in the Borderlands series, but the latest information seems to indicate that it is only a matter of time before we return to its rich universe.

Just don’t wait for a numbered sequence so soon, as a rumor from respected journalist Jeff Grubb, from GamesBeat, points to a new spin-off that should be released very soon.

Randy Pitchford, co-founder of the Gearbox studio, went public to talk about these rumors and reaffirmed that “Gearbox is the main developer of all future games in the franchise and its adjacent ones, without co-developing with anyone. We are definitely working in amazing things, and I hope they will surprise you positively. ”

The problem here is that Pitchford has been wrong on the networks a few times, like when he denied that Borderlands 3 would have microstransactions and that Battleborn would not become free to play.

Will we see anything new about Borderlands at E3 2021 ?? Share your comments and fans with us in the comments below!


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