Borderlands 3 review: Krieg the Psycho


We look at the fourth and final DLC for Borderlands 3, now available standalone or as part of the Season Pass on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

2K Games and Gearbox have delivered on their promise based on adding a fair amount of post-launch content to Borderlands 3. Thanks to a season pass, we’ve seen new events, expansions, and DLC arrive as the months have passed. One of them was Moxxi’s blow to Jackpot the Handsome and this time we are dealing with the fourth and final downloadable content that will receive the third numbered installment of the Borderlands saga: Krieg the Psycho and fabulous calamity. We have already played it, so below we will tell you in detail what we think about this DLC that is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

Immerse yourself in the mind of a psychopath

To start the crazy adventure that this expansion proposes, we will need to have at least level 13 and have reached the mission known as “Hostile OPA” in history. We travel to Sanctuary 3 and there we either access Tannis’s Laboratory or talk to her on the intercom before heading to the control room and set the mind of Kraig (who we know from Borderlands 2). Yes, what our charismatic and eccentric scientist friend proposes to us is to enter the brain of a psychopath to discover the origin of her madness.

Whether out of sheer scientific curiosity, the fact that Vault Hunters never miss an adventure or the immense loot that Tannis promises we will find in the so-called “Carmagueddon”, we will begin this story to learn more about psychopaths, a figure that Since the beginning of the Borderlands saga, it has been relevant to the brand. In fact, the franchise’s own logo is the famous mask of a psychopath and until now they had not had a dedicated DLC, so it was about time that something like what we have in hand arrived.

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Once inside Kraig’s mind, we will begin to experience a series of crazy situations in which the level of sadism and paranoia in this physical manifestation of the thoughts of a lunatic will become clear. However, the true interest of the expansion lies in the conflict between the “sane Kraig” and the madman, as both will constantly appear to fight each other. As we progress in this small independent campaign we will discover why Kraig’s madness began, his past and all the situations that made him reach the current point.

While it is true that, as a basis, we can think that it is not as interesting a character as others that have starred in the other DLCs, we will change our opinion when we advance enough to experience various flashbacks, memories and key moments of his lifetime. As you can imagine, we can help him regain his somewhat saner state, so that will be the main mission. We will not reveal much more in order to avoid entering the land of spoils, but we can assure you that more than one surprise awaits us that will make the most nostalgic players of the Borlderlands saga smile.


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