Borderlands 3 is making a “completely game-like” DLC


Gearbox reveals the name of one of the new expansions of the game, Arms Race (arms race), and ensures that it will change everything completely.

We knew that Borderlands 3 is preparing more DLC, but we did not know that their ambition was the one that Randy Pitchford has just revealed. In an interview for Gamespot, the CEO of Gearbox has talked about a new game mode, Arms Race, which he is frankly excited about. He has assured that “everything changes” and has also promised that it will be officially presented throughout the month of October. These were his words:

“I can’t wait to show more of Arms Race as people try it. It’s really cool. It’s like a whole new game. For me, what I felt when I tried it was like ‘oysters, this changes everything.” Our goal with Arms Race is to make every weapon count within a game with a million weapons. I could talk about it for hours. I’m very excited. It has its own universe and gameplay. ”

Not everyone will like it

Of course, Pitchford also warns that it is so different that all Borderlands 3 fans may not like it. “I think we could lose those who are more interested in narrative experiences. But for those who love the RPG component, the loot and the action … and maybe also fascinate those who play other types of shooters. I have some friends who are fans of Call of Duty who when they saw Arms Race have turned and said: wait, what is this ?. Even some of Battle Royale fans will find it interesting, although it is not a Battle Royale. ”

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Arms Race will join Moxxi’s Heist for Handsome Jackpot; Weapons, love and tentacles; Blood Bounty and Krieg the Psycho and Fantabulous Calamity, the first four Borderlands 3 expansions. The game, by the way, is also preparing a free patch for use on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In the new generation it will run at 4K and 60 fps, adding option to a local cooperative for 3 and 4 people. A patch that will not be available on Xbox Series S, the cheap version of Microsoft’s next gen.


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