Boooom! PSG sells Neymar and busts Real Madrid’s plans


The French league continues its course and does so with a PSG that wins with more authority than brilliance. He did last Saturday for 1 goal to 3 in a game that was losing for almost 40 minutes but that traced in 3 actions full of quality in the second half. Some actions that took place in just 10 minutes.

The expulsion of a player from the home team, Montpellier, made things easier for the coach team by German Tuchel. In fact, the result of that expulsion and that foul was born the first goal of the Parisian team.

Neymar put the tie in the game after a wonderful free kick. To the squad in a proper crack of crack. While it is true the ball enters the goalkeeper’s stick, the hit cannot be better. Straight to the squad.

On the next play he would mark Mbappé at the pass of Neymar himself. After 5 minutes Icardi would mark the French pass. The trident works well and keeps the Sheikh Qatari team leader. 5 points with one less game above Olympique de Marseille.

Tuchel replaced Mbappé again and the French star became angry again. It was one of the images of the game. Like last day and exactly the same reaction. Monumental anger for being the chosen one and the one indicated. It was the 89th minute and the team won by 1-3, but Mbappè again showed that ambition is left over.

Neymar seems untouchable to Tuchel. But it is no longer for the board. They have proposed to renew Mbappè and right now they are only thinking of selling to Neymar in summer. They have signed a truce and both sides agree that the higher the player’s performance, the better it will be for him and the club.

Right now 180 million would be enough to get Neymar out of Paris. Many think of Barcelona, ​​but Chelsea has also joined, and strongly, the bid. Real Madrid had in mind to undertake the signing of Kylian Mbappè this summer, but everything has been complicated. The 180 million Neymar would go to the renewal of the French.

Florentino sees how he can lose the most important game of the summer. Bad business.


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