Boogeyman Trailer Made Us Think About Stephen King’s Super-Scary Adaptation


When it was officially announced, Rob Savage’s “Boogeyman” was planned as an exclusive for Hulu. However, now everything has changed. The film, based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, obviously proved so well in test screenings that Disney decided to release it in theaters. Now this is the first adaptation of King, which will appear in theaters in 2023, and the new trailer only spins us even more.

As Stephen King himself teased last week, the premiere of the first look at the Boogeyman took place today during the NFC Championship game, and it looks like we’re in for a terrible treat this summer. With a cast that includes Sophie Thatcher of The Yellow Jackets, Chris Messina, David Dastmalchian and Marin Ireland, the story centers on a pair of sisters who discover an evil presence living in their home after their mother’s death (the setting is very different from the script). source material).

In addition to this trailer, Stephen King also published a theatrical poster of The Boogeyman. It’s a simple design, but it evokes memories of a monster hiding in the closet in our bedroom, and in this regard it is certainly effective:

“Boogeyman” is the third film directed by Rob Savage, whose previous two films were part of the genre of screen life (a la “Missing” and “In Search”). He first attracted attention in 2020 thanks to his presenter dedicated to a session in Zoom, and last year he followed him by staging a monstrous pogrom in Dashcam.

Stephen King’s short story, first published in the 1978 Night Shift collection, was adapted by the Quiet Place team of Scott Beck and Brian Woods and Mark Heyman from Black Swan. There’s an impressive pedigree of horror movies behind the camera, and this preview got us thinking about what they’re cooking.

Currently, “Boogeyman” is supposed to be the first adaptation of Stephen King, which will be released in 2023, but not the last. Although the film currently has no scheduled date, Gary Doberman is expected to present “The Fate of Salem” before the end of the calendar year. Along with the recent announcement that King’s next novel, Holly, will hit bookstores in September, regular readers have plenty to do in the coming months.

If this trailer has hooked you, mark June 3 in your calendar, since it is on this day that the film will appear in theaters. You can learn more about the Boogeyman in our short guide, and about all the other Stephen King projects that are in development — from our heading “Upcoming films and TV series by Stephen King”. To delve deeper into the long history of King’s stories on the big and small screens, check out my “Stephen King Adaptation” column.


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