Booba wins a battle against the Ünkut brand!


Among his many legal battles, rapper Booba has just won the one against his former partner at Ünkut! A rumor has it that Booba may have won the legal battle between Jerome Abiteboul, his former partner at Ünkut.

If Booba is waging war against many French rappers like Gims, Rohff or Kaaris, he also has other enemies.

Indeed, you are aware that the Duke is involved in various businesses, alongside music. He would therefore be at war against Jérôme Abiteboul, a former partner with whom he had set up the Ünkut brand in 2004.

However, many reasons led him to leave the ship in 2018. Obviously on bad terms with his companion, Booba had even attacked him through photomontages. Ouch … In July 2018, he also called the businessman a “notorious con artist, liar, incompetent and deadbeat.”

While legal proceedings have been ongoing between the two parties since the end of Ünkut, the star appears to have won the battle against her former partner. Yeh!


In all his stories with justice, Booba can count on the unfailing support of Maître Yann Le Bras. He therefore does not hesitate to praise it in several of his songs. “In court, I have nothing to fear, I have Maître Le Bras,” he said in the song Ouest Side, in 2005.

This January 11, the rapper again congratulated the famous lawyer. So, on the blue bird social network, he posted a screenshot of a message from himself, indicating that Jérôme Abiteboul was withdrawing the complaint against him in the Ünkut case.

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“I indicate to you that the opposing colleague recently indicated to us that he is withdrawing from his action against you. The court took note of this during its hearing on January 4, 2021… ”, we can therefore read.

Of course, Booba accompanied this message with a photo of Mr. Abiteboul and a meme mocking court-appointed lawyers.

As a reminder, in December 2019, during an interview for BOLD Magazine, the Duke of Boulogne still spoke of his separation from the brand.

“Ünkut had reached its limits. I’ve always wanted to have my own brand and wear my own gear, so that made sense to me, ”he said firmly.

The 44-year-old star has since embarked on a whole new adventure. Of course, you all know what it is. Ains, the latter created a clothing brand called DCNTD. And this, in April 2018! But he also launched the La Piraterie line. Just that

The Duke of Boulogne therefore seems to thrive, both in music and in ready-to-wear. We then wish him to go a long way. Either way, he looks determined. To be continued !


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