Booba will soon unveil the release date of his Ultra album!


This is great news for Booba fans! The Duke of Boulogne should soon say more about his new album “Ultra”! For years now, Booba has been considered the boss of French rap. In addition to her many successes, the star has become known for her numerous clashes.

One of his most famous wars is undoubtedly the one with Kaaris. Indeed, this led him to prison. But it will take more to stop the Duke of Boulogne.

So, just yesterday, Booba decided to wage a new battle… against the YouTubers! But not just any. More precisely, against Mister V and Squeezie who got into music not long ago.

In the caption of a Twitter post, the “5G” singer wrote, “They would all be willing to collaborate with these impostor rappers. Whether it’s Mister V or lahuiss (I don’t even know him). Yes V I said your blaze, you are unfortunately part of it amigo. But the piracy is there. It will not be long. At worst, let me know you bunch of quiches! “.

Obviously, this attack caused a lot of talk on the social network to the blue bird, until it ended up in TT.

Shortly after, the two Youtubers decided to react with humor to Booba’s comment. And to each his own! Mister V posted a photo of his NBA2K character and Squeezie changed his blaze to lahuiss, as he called it.


But his many fans are hoping that his new album will be released very soon. Indeed, it is more interesting to judge Booba on his music than on his repeated battles!

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To date, the Duke of Boulogne has not revealed any details about “Ultra”, apart from the first two titles: 5G and Azerty. An extract of the title Rapti World is also running on the web.

On the subject, the rapper clarified that he will release it only when Luna validates it. A strong jury, since it is his own daughter …

But don’t panic, it shouldn’t be long. Indeed, the Instagram account of La Piraterie has just revealed information of the utmost importance about Booba’s new album.

In the caption of a video of the Duke of Boulogne which is addressed to his fans, it is written: “Tomorrow the Duke will tell us the release date of his 10th album. Thank you for everything… # LPNJF “. Yeh!

Great news that generated more than 40,000 views in just a few hours as well as numerous comments. Just that !

” Thanks to you !! “,” This is really good news “,” Yes we wait! Are as many messages that we can read under a post.

There is no doubt that his community will be there tomorrow. To be continued !


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