Booba will release the album “Ultra” if the girl approves!


Booba has just informed his fans that he was waiting for the validation of his daughter Luna before releasing “Ratpi Word” a title from his next album.

As Booba prepares to release his new album “Ultra”, the Duke has just revealed some very important information about this project!

This Tuesday, January 5, 2020, Booba shared a private conversation on Twitter! A conversation in which a surfer covers him with compliments on the song “Ratpi World”!

“I don’t know if the Duke realizes it, but it’s probably going to put out the best sound of the decade, there’s an incredible hype around the track… Can’t wait for the release! So wrote the latter.

A message to which Booba therefore replied: “Calm your young pirate heart!” He will only be able to come out if Luna validates the sound! “A big jury, since this is his own daughter …


On the Web, Internet users responded en masse to the conversation that Booba made public on Twitter! Indeed, the latter wanted to send force to Luna, the heiress of the Duke of Boulogne!

“But Luna, quickly release the album, please! “” I hope Luna will validate! “We are ready like never before, I hope Luna will agree to it soon! “Big strength in Luna, she has a big decision to make”, “Luna in Ratpi World validation, Captain Omar in ULTRA validation! ”

Or: “We are awaiting the verdict of your daughter Booba”, “But when will she give her consent, that” is the question! “Luna, we are impatiently awaiting your validation!” Can thus read on the Web! Comments that are sure to amuse the main concerned!

For now, the duke has still not confirmed the release date of his album “Ultra”! A project that his fans have been impatiently awaiting for several weeks already… To be continued!


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