Booba: West Side album changed your music career!


On February 12, 2006, Booba released his third solo album, Ouest Side. This is where the Duke established himself as the boss of the Rap Game.

In this opus, Booba does not hesitate to mix musical genres and offers a different rap style from his first two albums.

First, we find a wide variety of instrumentals. There is rock with “Ebony Color” and reggae in “At the end of dreams”. But also classical music with “Le Duc de Boulogne”. Or even the French song with “Pitbull”. You will understand that this project is opening up to a wider audience and offering Booba even more recognition.

This gives Booba the opportunity to collaborate with great artists, such as with the famous American artist Akon on the headline “Gun in Hand”. But the Duke also obtained featurings with Mac Tyer on “Yeah yeah”, with the Intouchable collective on “Au fond de la classe”, with Trade Union and Rudy on “At the end of dreams” and finally with the group Malekal Morte on “92 izi”.

His appearance and image also evolve as a result of West Side. Indeed, since this opus, Booba has displayed himself more confident, more muscular and with many tattoos on his body. He also doesn’t hesitate to swap a classy costume for a gangsta rap outfit.

In his videos, Booba is also more imaginative and does not hesitate to play many characters.

Ouest Side is therefore his most striking album. Since then, the rapper has started to be listened to everywhere and invited on radio and TV. It even reached the top of the charts!


15 years later, Booba is about to release his tenth solo album, ULTRA. He has just unveiled the cover of the project.

So, on social media, Le Duc shared the visual with his fans and took the opportunity to confirm the rumor that it was his latest album.

There is no indication, however, that Booba plans to permanently retire from the music business. “This is the tenth. This is the last … “, he wrote.

This last album will therefore conclude a long and unique solo career, which began with the release of Temps Mort in 2002.

As for the cover, we find him alone, fixing with determination the lens that froze his gaze in black and white. It’s a rather soft illustration that doesn’t tell us much about the musical color of the project.

Either way, we hope ULTRA lives up to the West Side. To be continued !


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