Booba violently takes Damso’s look on Twitter!


On his Twitter account, Booba has once again launched an attack on his rival Damso. Pointing out his dress style

Did you think Booba had stopped clashing Damso, Rohff, Gims and many other rivals to focus on his music? You were seriously mistaken. Indeed, he has just launched a new attack on his former protégé. This time pointing to the dress style of the latter.

Well, if we thought the artist had put an end to his bickering, it’s because he had been hanging out for a while. Indeed, he preferred to focus on his many projects such as his feat with MHD. The two have just released the sound “Kabila”.

But in addition to this song, Booba never ceases to surprise his fans. Since, a few hours ago, he released a new unpublished single which should appear on his future album. Because yes, his album is still in preparation and should be out in a few weeks.

Which is why, it wasn’t that amazing to see the DUC focus on the music rather than tackling everything that moves.

But in the end, the natural returns very quickly to the gallop. Wise too long, Booba wanted to throw a new spade at an enemy.


Well, as we let you know, it was at the Belgian artist Damso that he aimed his rifle. Everyone knows the two have been at war for several years now. But unlike other B2O rivals, his former colt remains rather calm in the face of attacks.

Indeed, we have never seen him respond to Booba when the latter chatted him on social networks. Except during his feat with Nekfeu as recalled by 13or of Hip Hop. When he says in a passage that “record companies are sa * opes,” he is referring to 92i.

Booba’s label who would have taken everything from Damso without leaving him a crumb during his success in society. But apart from this moment during which he answered her, the rapper has always been able to remain silent. But will he remain so in the face of the new attack from his ex “big brother”?

The latter taking a picture of Dems with a costume and totally mocking his look: “If you had come to the studio like that when you were at 92i I don’t know what we would have done to you brother !! ! ”

It remains to be seen whether the clash will end there or, on the contrary, continue unabated.


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