Booba unveils the first feats of his album “Ultra”!


The young rapper Booba has just unveiled the feats of his next album Ultra! We’ll give you more details. Booba finally unveils the feats of his next album Ultra!

This is one of the most anticipated albums of this year 2021. Since the announcement of its release, fans have been impatient!

So to keep them waiting, Booba has found the right formula. Indeed, he spoils his fans by revealing several collaborations.

In recent months, the young rapper has released several featurings. And with each release, success is waiting for you!

In fact, his next album, which may also be his last, will be unveiled on March 5th. So the young artist is already preparing the promotion of his new musical project.

We know that Booba will be entitled to his Rap Planet. The NRJ show is indeed planning a special session for the release of the Duke of Boulogne’s album! We love.

Deprived of his personal Instagram account, it is on Twitter that the young dad gives news to his fans. Moreover, the young artist is very active on the Blue Bird network. To the delight of his fans.

On Instagram, he can count on the account of his brand La Piraterie to tease his new album. Moreover, the latter is revealed more and more.

After discovering his first 5G track a few months ago, we now discover Booba’s guests on Ultra. And it must be said that the young artist is planning some great collaborations! We tell you more.


Thus, Booba fans have finally been able to discover the artists who will be present in the new album of their favorite star. For the moment, we already know 4!

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We will therefore find rapper Bramsito. Which is not surprising since the young man signed with the Duke of Boulogne label.

Besides, the two artists are not at their first collaboration. Indeed, we recently discovered their song Piccolo with rapper Gato.

Elia will also be featured on Booba’s Ultra album! The rapper seems to be the new little protégé of the 92i clan.

In Ultra, we will therefore find it on the title Grain de sable. You would expect a moment with hip-hop and pop sounds.

Gato and Dala will also be the rapper’s guests on his next album. We can’t wait to find out what they have prepared for us.

The Piracy did not visually confirm Maes and SDM. But the two artists should also be present in the rapper’s next album.

In any case, this is what Booba has been hinting at recently on social media. So, with these last two rappers, the artist’s guest count increases to 6.

So, with the 5G and Azerty songs that we have already discovered, the other songs will therefore be featurings. So that leaves very little room for solo unreleased by the artist. Case to follow!


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