Booba unveils the cover of his brand new album “Ultra”!


Once his new album (ULTRA) is finished, Booba continues the teasing. The rapper has just unveiled the cover!

Booba has just unveiled the cover of his brand new album Ultra, which will be released in March.

The Duke of Boulogne has indeed completed his opus. And to decompress from this hard work, he found nothing better than to afford a hell of a car.

Indeed, the rapper decided to take a look at a luxury dealership in Miami. Then he drew lots which model he was going to choose. And so it was a Porsche he bought rather than a Ferrari! Everyone has their own way of relaxing.

That doesn’t stop Booba from continuing to tease Ultra. He has just unveiled the cover of the project. So, on social media, he shared the visual with his fans and took the opportunity to confirm the rumor that it would be his latest album.

There is no indication, however, that he plans to permanently retire from the music business. “This is the tenth. This is the last … “the rapper wrote simply.

This last album must therefore conclude a long and unique solo career, which began with the release of Temps Mort in 2002. Booba is bound to be under pressure!

As for the cover, we find him alone, fixing with determination the lens that froze his gaze in black and white. It’s a rather soft illustration that doesn’t tell us much about the musical color of the project.


Booba fans are now wondering what will be the feats that will appear on his next album. On Instagram, the official account of his brand “Piracy” recently published various visuals with the names of the artists who have collaborated with him.

Bramsito, Gato, Elia and Dala therefore appeared at the top of the list. However, this is no surprise for rapper Bramsito who signed on the rapper’s label at 92i. They had already gone to look for the diamond together with the title “Dirty mood”. Lately, they collaborated again, with Gato, on the track “Piccolo”.

Elia is the news of the 92i clan. Indeed, the latter is often put forward by the Duke of Boulogne. She has featured on Ashkidd’s album and the track “Utopia Station”. Dala completes the list of collaborations so far unveiled with his presence on “Vue sur la mer”.

As for other contributions, Booba hinted that artists Maes and SDM will also be on his new and latest album.

Including the list of titles already unveiled, plus “5G” and “Azerty”, there is only a small place left for Booba’s unreleased solos. To be continued !