Booba unveils his new clip “POMPEII” with JSX!


Yesterday, Booba unveiled the video for the single “POMPEII”, along with JSX, one of his foals signed on his label Piraterie Music!

JSX and Booba offered the clip for the single “POMPEII” this Monday, January 11. And the least we can say is that we love it.

Yes, you heard right ! JSX, the first signing of Booba’s new label (Piraterie Music) has unveiled the clip of their collab “POMPEII”.

As a reminder, this hit was released on December 4, 2020, to mark the arrival of the young rapper from the 93 in the team of the Duke of Boulogne.

As for the images in the clip, the mood is apocalyptic for JSX and Booba. The orange filter gives the impression that everything is burning as if a volcano has just woken up. People are running around to escape death.

For his part, Booba lights a cigar, as if to say that he is the one who caused the eruption. JSX finds him on the roof of a building to admire the spectacle. The young rapper also lights his cigar, but on a fiery barrier, at the end of the clip. That means he has made it to the ship!

The clip is by ARGO, who among other things worked on the overpowering clip of Tieks from 13 Block and Niska, with multiple special effects.

This nugget therefore risks giving good visibility to JSX, which should be quite active this year.


Booba fans seem to have enjoyed the final rendering. Thus, the YouTube video generated more than 190,000 likes in a few hours as well as many comments.

“The concept is crazy bravo”, “the makeup is incredible and the music video too”, “Seriously, the voice of b2o is crazy, the feat is simply magnificent and this clip is still heavy! Really I don’t want him to stop the Rap Game ratpi for life !! », Can we read on the platform.

This clip should keep fans waiting for the album ULTRA, which will be released on March 5, 2021. The Duke of Boulogne announced this information on the social network at the blue bird. And that’s just after unveiling a thrilling one-minute teaser that tells more about the world of his project.

The latter said that the “countdown” could now begin, which suggests a great promotion for the album. Quick quick !

So far, we don’t know much about this project. Aside from Booba’s repeated clashes with all French rap in recent days, the star hasn’t really said more about this tenth album. However, two first singles have been unveiled, 5G and Azerty. And they made a splash!

We hope for the same success in Booba for the future. To be continued !


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