Booba ultra fan of the song “Center commercial” by Ninho


Booba shared a video of him listening to Ninho and Heuss’ “Mall” track! B20 therefore validates the feat of the 2 rappers!

Via his Instagram account “La Piraterie Official”, Booba has just shared a video of himself driving while listening to the track “Mall” by Heuss and Ninho! MCE TV tells you more!

When Booba doesn’t like a title or an artist, he always lets it know in his own way … But when he likes it, B20 says it too! Indeed, the artist has already posted several videos of him listening to various rap songs … A way to validate the songs in question!

Thus, on Wednesday February 10, 2021, the Duke of Boulogne posted several videos of him in the car, while he was listening to the title “Shopping center”! A title dating from last year and which brought together the 2 talented rappers Ninho and Heuss L’enfoiré!

Thus, on the images in question posted on the Instagram account of “La Piraterie Official”, we can see Booba enjoying the title in question! Indeed, the latter nods in rhythm in agreement!

So we let you in turn see an image of Booba in the car listening to “Shopping Center”! This is obviously a screenshot of the Instagram story in question.


Two days ago, Booba declared war on Mehdi Maïzi, the former host of “La Sauce”, a program on web radio OKLM. Indeed, the rapper posted the following tweet at first: “I got screwed by an infiltrator again! ”

“The Duke is too good too stupid but I still believe in being human. We move forward, we still try to build and transmit. Piracy is never over. @MehdiMouse you wear your name well with your little mouse head. ”

Booba unfortunately did not stop there! Indeed, the latter added a layer via a second tweet. “Know that I will do everything in my power so that you lose face and that you lose your place …”

“It will take as long as it takes… I will defile you and I will destroy you!” I owe it to a great Pirate Chief. You can point me out… We’re not there anymore, ”B20 wrote! Tweets that Internet users did not understand!

“Booba has just clashed the most benevolent person in the rap game! “But why is B20 going after a journalist who didn’t ask? »« Everything except Mehdi Maïzi… Here for once I do not understand! ”

Or again: “The clashes with Kaaris, La Fouine, Rohf, Damso, Kalash, Dosseh… The list is long, but at the limit we can capture, it remains rappers therefore his universe! But there, Mehdi Maïzi? You really have to explain it! “Can we read on the social network Twitter …


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