Booba ultra fan of the new song “Rose” by Dixon on!


Rapper Booba is a fan of Dixon’s new song Rose and supports it on the networks! We tell you everything. Booba is a fan of rapper Dixon’s new song Rose!

The French rapper no longer has an Instagram account. But that doesn’t prevent him from being present all the same.

Indeed, Booba can always use the official account of his brand La Piraterie to continue posting on Instagram. And as much to say that the rapper benefits from it! Without surprise.

But between clashes with his best enemies, the rapper does not forget to lend his support to his charges. Besides, Booba has just proven it to us.

Indeed, he has just shared a publication on the account of La Piraterie to promote the very last piece of Dixon. We then discover a short video posted on Instagram.

“Available everywhere” can we simply read in the caption of his post. What make fans want to discover its novelties!


Thus, while waiting to discover Booba’s album, Ultra, the latter shares with us the novelties of his proteges. This time it’s Dixon that he is celebrating.

Indeed, the rapper has just released a new track called Rose. And it seems that the Duke of Boulogne already validates it!

On Instagram, the rapper’s post garnered more than 20,000 views in just a few hours. In the comments some are already fans of this new title.

“I love it” writes one subscriber. “It’s very, very heavy” can also be read under Booba’s post.

Successful bet for the young protégé of the French rapper. The fans indeed seem conquered!

In fact, they are still waiting for their favorite star’s new album. Ultra, the Duc de Boulogne’s 10th album should not be long in coming.

Indeed, the rapper had announced his release date. See you on March 5 to find out more! We look forward.


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