Booba: Top 10 best rapper album covers!


On the occasion of the release of Ultra, discover the 10 album covers of Booba classified from the most memorable, to the least striking.

It’s official, so Booba is about to release his latest album on Thursday February 18, 2021 at 6 p.m. A look back at the ten covers of the most popular French rapper in history …

One thing is certain, Booba will have marked French rap with his pen, but also and above all with his strong personality. After more than 20 years of career, the artist of multiple classics is retiring.

But the Duke of Boulogne does not intend to leave the stage without putting a last slap in the rap game. Today at 6 p.m., he’ll be rocking Ultra, his latest album.

For the occasion, the Interlude info site then compiled the TOP 10 of the artist’s most outstanding covers. Difficult to decide between them!

In first position, and without much surprise, we therefore find the cover of the West Side project, released in 2006. On the latter, Booba is inspired by a photo of Malcom X, weapon in hand, scrutinizing his enemies through the window . We love !

This is the cover of the excellent album Nero Nemesis, released in 2015, which is found in 2nd position. This is the only one on which B2o does not appear.

Instead, we discover a magnificent winged lion, with a crown on its head. The picture says it all! Next is Throne, released in 2017.

Here again, we see a crown. But this time it’s the Duke wearing it on his head. He is also dressed in war clothes, ready to face his enemies.

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Booba: Top 10 best rapper album covers!


The Interlude news site decides to put the cover of Booba’s latest album in 4th position. The project that ended his incredible career couldn’t be lower in the rankings.

“The cover is heavy with meaning, reminiscent of ‘Temps Mort'” but with “a less serene, more angry look, on the verge of his last battle.”

Speaking of this classic, Temps Mort takes 5th place in the standings. As you probably know, this is his very first solo album. How to forget it?

Then we find Panthéon, released in 2004, two years after the previous album. On this cover, B2o is displayed with all the rapper’s paraphernalia: cap, tattoos, jewelry and imposing muscles.

D.U.C climbs to 7th place in this TOP. As the news site states, it is “one of the most controversial albums of his career.” It’s no less brilliant.

In 8ᵉ, 9ᵉ and 10ᵉ positions, we find Lunatic, released in 2010, Futur, released 2 years later, and finally 0.9, released in 2008, or the auto-tune album.

So what do you think of this TOP of Booba’s best album covers? And don’t forget the release of Ultra starting today at 6pm!


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