Booba: the rapper soon banned from Twitter for life?


After being suspended from Instagram, Booba has just been snatched up by Twitter. By force, he would risk banishment for life

Did you think changing social networks would calm Booba down? You were very naive. Indeed, hardly arrived on the “blue bird” as he likes to call it so much, the DUC was made go up the straps by the moderators. His behavior put him at risk of being banned from Twitter for life.

Because yes, if you did not know, the rapper has already had his account on Instagram suspended. Several months ago, the Facebook apartment app made the choice to give it another chance after weeks of suspension.

Managing to “stay calm” for a long time, the natural quickly returned to a gallop. Booba, not ceasing to clash his rivals as he always has done and this, in a violent way. It was also because of this violence that Instagram decided to fire him for good.

But as we let you know, social networks, there are many. Well, the one that has been working the best for some time is still Twitter.

That’s why, even being fired from Insta, Booba wasn’t really an orphan. Since he wasted no time in “meeting twittos and doing ‘Booba'” …


Indeed, his behavior didn’t really change even after being banned from Twitter. The network has even chosen to suspend it for 12 hours for not respecting the rules as the 13or note of HipHop.

The tweeters, not liking Booba’s behavior, then launched the #SignalonsBooba. A hashtag that makes the main concerned laugh a lot. Even more so when the sanction fell for good. The DUC, making it known:

“No really Twitter is too much life! Report me en masse and leave your comments. I would answer everyone, but be courteous! 2021 must be a year of peace. Let’s lead by example, let’s be light.

A way of his own, for Booba, to ironize the situation …