Booba: The clip “Ratpi World” has over 5 million views!


Booba is a hit with his new track “Ratpi World”! Indeed, the recovery has just exceeded 5 million views on YouTube!

Two weeks ago, Booba released a new track called “Ratpi World”! A real caron for the rapper! Indeed, the title clip has just broken a new record in terms of views on YouTube!

Well under his 40s, Booba has proven he is still in the game with “Ratpi World”! A title that does not add any added value to its “street credibility”!

Indeed, the title in question is a cover of the famous 90s hit “Barbie World”! A song performed by “Aqua” … Besides, this is not the first time that the group has agreed to have the title covered by a rapper!

Indeed, Booba is not the only French artist to have taken over “Barbie World”! In 20216, the rapper had also offered his version to him … A song entitled “My World” is which had also caused a sensation!

So, B20 fans loved its cover! Indeed, on YouTube, the clip of the piece has just crossed the bar of 5 million views! Good news that the duke shared via his Instagram account “La Piraterie Official”!


In addition to accumulating more than 5 million views on YouTube, the clip “Ratpi World” also recorded more than 110,000 likes on the video platform… A real record for Booba… And above all the sign that Internet users validate this title!

A hypothesis which is indeed confirmed in the comments! Comments selected by us, of course!

“Isn’t that Barbie Girl, the tune of music? It gives me too much smile, to think of this music… It reminds me of my youth! “” Booba is too strong, he manages to make us like “Barbie World” anyway … We move our heads over it as if nothing had happened … ”

Or again: “Bravo B20, still too strong… I would even say more and more with the passing years! “” We can’t wait for the release of Ultra (Booba’s next album to be released in March)! I feel it’s gonna be the bomb! ”

Can we read on the video platform! Comments that will please the artist … But above all that seems a good omen for the rapper who is about to release a new album next month! Indeed, everything suggests that his fans will be very receptive!

Besides, not a day goes by that the Pirates (the name of Booba’s fans) are impatient with the release of Booba’s next album! As a reminder, the artist’s new album called “Ultra” will be released on March 5, 2021!


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