Booba surprises his fans and releases a new extract!


On Instagram, rapper Booba has just released a new extract! A teaser that literally won unanimous support on the web!

If Booba still hasn’t returned to Instagram, that doesn’t stop him from teasing his next album! Indeed, via the Instagram account “La Piraterie Officel”, B20 unveiled the extract of a new title!

This Tuesday, January 19, 2021, B20 delighted its community by posting a new extract of an unreleased track! An Instagram post that the rapper captioned as follows: “Prudence is the mother of safety, Ducance is the father of purity! ”

Thus, if the Net surfers do not know at all if the song in question appeared in the new album of Booba… These last validate all the same this extract! Indeed, you only have to read the many comments below the post to understand their enthusiasm!

One thing is certain, the fans of rapper Booba are waiting for his album “Ultra” with great impatience! It would therefore be a question of putting an end to this terrible wait …


Internet users were quick to react to the new extract that Booba threw on social networks! Indeed, the comments are already numerous!

“25 years of Pera always with new #TURFU flows”, “You are enjoying us right now”, “Please put this song on the new album”, “I wait so much for this sound, it sounds a lot too heavy ! ”

Or again: “Heavy, heavy 🔥🔥🔥 ducance is ducance! Can’t wait to listen to Booba’s new album… It sounds really amazing, probably the best of his career considering the wait! ”

You can read on the artist’s social network! A certain enthusiasm which will therefore please the main concerned, namely the Duke of Boulogne! All that’s left to do is wait for March 5, 2021, the release date of his album “ULTRA”!


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