Booba super nostalgic for his title “Temps mort” on!


Booba is super nostalgic. The French rapper shared a video of his track “Temps mort” from his Instagram account.

Booba is a rapper with an immeasurable career. Over the years, the Temps mort performer has established himself as one of the most talented artists of his generation.

So much so that all his sounds are picked up around the world. Social networks are also full of videos of people covering his biggest hits.

And despite the passage of time, the rapper never loses inspiration. This Tuesday, January 19, 2021, for example, the Duke of Boulogne regaled his community by posting a new excerpt from an unpublished title.

“Prudence is the mother of safety, Ducance is the father of purity! Wrote the artist who lives between Paris and Miami. Fans of the singer did not hide their joy.

Even though he releases new sounds on a regular basis, Booba is very often nostalgic for his first sounds. The proof, he shared an old title on Instagram.


So a few hours ago, Booba shared a video that covers one of his flagship titles, Temps Mort. The artist captioned the video with the following text: “Fuck old man … 🏴‍☠️”.

His community was quick to react when they discovered the video which covers one of his old flagship titles. “That sound is still on my playlist,” “I love this song so much. It’s too collector’s item, it’s nice to hear it again “,” wow but the old fashioned way, this song hasn’t aged a bit, “the netizens wrote.

As a reminder, his album Temps mort was released in stores on January 22, 2002 in France. This is the first studio album unveiled by the rapper from Boulogne. The album will therefore blow its 9th birthday in two days.

Booba’s discography boils down to nine studio albums. But not only, since the Duc de Boulogne signed two reissues, and five mixtapes, for a total of 3 million copies sold, just that.