Booba: Sound of SDM protégé “Prince de la Calle”


Between two clashes, Booba does not forget to support the young rapper of 23 years SDM who has just released “Prince de la Calle”!

While he had only been teasing it for days, Booba finally announces the release of his foal’s “Prince de la Calle” sound: SDM.

After having brought SDM to sign in his label 92i, it goes without saying that Booba supports him in the projects which he undertakes.

Thus, the Duke of Boulogne has just shared a post on his Instagram account with the trailer for his new title “Prince de la Calle”. In the caption, he wrote: “@ sdm__92 #PrinceDeLaCalle Available on all platforms. 🎱 “.

A little publicity stunt from Booba which had its small effect. Indeed, “Prince de la Calle” has collected no less than 12,000 views in a few hours on YouTube.

The comments are also very numerous: “SDM a style unique in France!“, “SDM THE BEST SINCE THE DEPARTURE”, “The legend predicted that SDM would be a Prince of Rap“, “Incredible! What I love about SDM is that it never disappoints, no matter the RESPECT theme. ”

The fans therefore seem unanimous!


Although he seems busy with his various labels, Booba does not forget his clashes. Thus, the Duke of Boulogne stops sending peaks to Rohff.

Recently, the latter suspected him of buying streams to finish in the TOP of the charts with his title “5G”.

To which Booba has just responded via a photo of himself, with a filter on his head: “I have always been number 1 my little goat. The question I’m asking myself is how do you manage not to be in the Top 200. Do you realize that the goat is not even in the Top 200 bro? What is your technique !!! »Followed by several laughing emojis.

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